GoReady FAQs

What makes GoReady BaseCamp the disaster kit I should buy? 

Quite simply GoReady BaseCamp is the best value for you based on time and money. It is the only one-click kit that has everything.

What do you mean everything? 

GoReady BaseCamp has everything that emergency authorities recommend buying in advance of a disaster. That said, we will provide you with a list of items you will want to include, such as clothing, shoes, and prescription medicines and eyeglasses. 

What's the best place for me to store my new GoReady BaseCamp? 

We recommend placing your GoReady BaseCamp either in your garage or in an outdoor space, like a garden or back patio. 

Does GoReady BaseCamp have enough food and water to last 72 hours, or three days? 

Yes, GoReady BaseCamp has enough food for two people to eat nine meals, or exist for three days. With six gallons of water, each of two people can drink a gallon of water per day. 

Can I order a supplemental set of food and water for two more people? 

Yes! Contact us to order additional sets of food. 

How can I make sure that the batteries in my GoReady BaseCamp are fresh and the food is edible? 

The food and batteries in GoReady BaseCamp will last three years. At that time we advise replenishing the food, water, and batteries. GoReady plans to offer a renewal delivery service as well, and we will email you when we have done so. 

Why does the GoReady BaseCamp weigh over 150 pounds? 

When you add in over a dozen cans of food and six gallons of water to a full set of heavy duty tools, you quickly hit 150 pounds. 

Why should I buy a GoReady BaseCamp instead of just buying the parts on my own? 

Buying a GoReady BaseCamp cuts out the two key impediments we all face when trying to put together a disaster supplies kit: Time to research and time dedicated to purchasing the items. There's not one place to shop for all the parts of a disaster kit: you have to go to the grocery store, drug store, hardware store, camping store, and order a lot online. 

Is the GoReady BaseCamp good for only earthquakes?

Every disaster or emergency is different so we designed the GoReady BaseCamp with the flexibility to serve in a variety of situations. There is plastic sheeting and nails to cover windows that are broken during a storm; a stove, pot and pan, food, and utensils will allow meal preparation during a power outage; a flashlight that charges in your kitchen will flash after a power outage and lead you to your GoReady BaseCamp and additional lantern and headlamp if the power is out.